A well-maintained and up-to-date hotel can make a huge difference to your patrons. Good first impressions can make the difference in whether someone decides to stay or return for future trips. If your hotel establishment is in need of updating or remodeling, Schoenfelder Renovations of Minnesota can help you achieve your hotel renovation goals. Here are a few questions many hotel owners or managers have when considering hotel renovations.

What type of hotel renovations do you do?

Schoenfelder Renovations can complete any interior or exterior renovation project, including (but not limited to): Interested in a commercial renovation not listed here? Just ask our experienced general contractors, and we can make it happen.

Will the remodeling interfere with the guests’ stay?

At Schoenfelder Renovations, we develop a plan to help minimize guest interference, so you can go on with business as usual. Our hotel renovations team has worked on numerous hotel-remodeling projects throughout Minnesota, and we do our best to be considerate of you and your guests.

What type of experience do you have renovating hotels?

We have completed hotel remodeling projects for over 90 hotels—both local and nationally known—throughout Minnesota. Some hotel brands you may recognize include Marriott®, Hampton Inn®, La Quinta®, and Holiday Inn®.

How do I get a remodeling quote?

To get a free hotel renovations quote, contact Schoenfelder Renovations at 952-345-2900. That’s all you have to do to get started! We will gladly help you take that first step toward your hotel restoration project.