National General Contracting Experts

Schoenfelder Renovations provides general contracting services for our clients nationwide. We have developed a time-tested method of supplementing our trusted crews and supervisors with local specialty tradesmen in order to provide predictable, high quality service with competitive pricing. Our safety and training procedures will ensure that all of our general contractors provide quality services that are up to your standards. You can count on us for commercial projects of all types from retail complexes to senior living communities. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid.

Examples of our Projects

La Quinta Hotel Renovation Project

We earned our start in nationwide work by completing a La Quinta hotel in Bloomington, MN. The project went very well. We were able to provide a better facility that came with a 10-year warranty for less money than the competition—and we finished on schedule. The client was from Massachusetts, and he had six more hotels on the East coast, and then nine in the Georgia area and then 33 in Florida. We met his budgets and provided high quality workmanship, all while working around his guests.

Des Moines Siding & Windows Project

One of our multi-housing clients needed new siding and windows for an apartment building in Des Moines. This client was a REIT from North Carolina and didn’t know any contractors in Des Moines who specialized in multi-housing renovations. His next project was in Ohio. It was more efficient for him to hire us rather than taking the risk of hiring a general contractor in each city to use one time.

Services We Offer

As general contractors, we offer a complete package of services for our commercial clients.

Trustworty General Contracting from Coast to Coast

At Schoenfelder Renovations, we carry workmen’s compensation and require it of any subcontractors who work for us. We are audited yearly and file taxes in multiple states. We are able to obtain performance bonds of up to $7.5M and have audited books. We have a Contractors Score, which is a 3rd party verified liquidity and management capacity measurement of 1994 which rates in the top 5 percent nationwide. Schoenfelder is a very safe company to hire.

Accurate Bidding that Sticks to your Budget

When we bid, we use our historical numbers for most trades and obtain subcontractor bids for the electrical, plumbing, and other specialties. When we submit a price, it is not an estimate but a fixed- price proposal. Our clients can rely on these prices for their budgets and can go to contract knowing their numbers are accurate.

With expertise in renovating hotels, multi housing, and retail, we are used to working around your clients and making ourselves as inconspicuous as possible. Our projects range from $50,000 to $7,500,000 and take from 2 weeks to 10 months to complete.

Call Schoenfelder Renovations when you need expert general contracting services. We serve the entire United States. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid.