Hotel Renovation Experts

Curb appeal and first impressions matter — especially when you’re in the hotel business. Guests expect fresh, polished rooms and updated common areas. While spending even one night in a rundown room can steer customers away for good, a beautiful room will leave patrons looking forward to their next stay.

Serving hotel chains throughout the nation, Schoenfelder Renovations specializes in completing high-quality hotel renovations in a punctual, efficient manner that doesn’t disturb your guests. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid.

Hotel Renovation Experts

Having completed hundreds of hotel renovation projects across the country, Schoenfelder Renovations can complete any hotel renovation you need, both inside and out.

We’re experienced at working with Property Improvement Plans that hotels implement periodically to bring their establishment up to brand standard. We also understand how to manage brand conversions that occur when converting one hotel brand to another. You’ll find our bidding process has our clients’ best financial interests at heart.

But don’t take our word for it; check out our interior and exterior commercial remodeling photos and see for yourself why quality isn’t just a term we use — it’s what we’ve built our entire business on.

Whether the lobby needs a facelift or the guest rooms need new carpet, our crews will transform the space to meet brand standards, whether that standard is artistically sophisticated or minimalist in nature. Before work begins, we’ll take special care to protect the surrounding areas, and during renovation we’ll keep the work sites as clean as possible.