Commercial Building Sealant & Caulking Experts

Not only do sealants create a water-tight seal to protect your building, but they also help reduce energy bills. When water gets into a building’s wall system, mold grows, the siding decays, and the insulation is ruined, losing its ability to insulate. The cost can exceed a million dollars in damages for a commercial building like a hotel, senior living community, retail site, or multi-housing complex.

To help ensure your business’s structural longevity, hire a commercial contractor to seal the building. Schoenfelder Renovations specializes in caulking services for commercial buildings throughout the nation. Contact us to request a bid by calling (952) 345-2900.

Expert Sealant Contractors

If your building is vulnerable, Schoenfelder Renovations is the answer. Old-fashioned acrylic caulk can expand and contract up to 12 percent, while new silicon-urethane hybrid sealants can expand and contract as much as 150 percent when they are installed and shaped right. This is not simple, do-it-yourself work. If the sealant is shaped or installed improperly, it can crack or tear very quickly. Delivering proper two-point adhesion and the correct hourglass shape requires experience and a bit of artistry. Ultimately, new sealants should last 20 to 30 years.

Concerned about the efficiency of your windows too? We install energy-efficient window replacements with expert caulking so that your building stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Dedicated to High-Quality Results

At Schoenfelder Renovations, we set the bar high. Below are just a few of the values we bring to each work site:

  • Well-Trained Workers: Our crews are expertly trained for maximum precision and efficiency. We never allow anyone to learn on the job. Instead we train and test any new workers at our innovative training facility to ensure they maintain our high standards.
  • Renovations Done Right: At the end of every job our clients evaluate the work, and our goal is for them to be “extremely pleased” with the outcome. Every person has different standards for high-quality work. We don’t stop until we meet your definition of quality.
  • Customized Projects: We excel at handling intense projects and working under strict timelines. To put it simply, your priorities are our priorities.
  • Fixed-price Bidding: Our bidding process puts the financial onus on us to stick to the budget, not you.
  • Only the Best: We use only the industries most durable sealant products, including BASF, Tremco, Dow, Loxon, and Dymonic.

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Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid. In addition to caulking buildings, we also specialize in commercial painting, floor installation, siding installation, roofing, damage restoration, hotel renovation, and EIFS & synthetic stucco. Schoenfelder Renovations serves the entire United States. We look forward to working with you.