Commercial Painting Contractors

If you’re a business owner, never underestimate the power of curb appeal and ambiance. A fresh coat of paint can increase your property’s value and transform a formerly overlooked building into the highlight of the area. It can also draw customers and clients in, rather than giving them the idea that you are careless in your appearance.

From our years of experience, we understand how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make. If your hotel, retail complex, senior living community, or multi-housing unit needs a new look, contact us to request a bid at (952) 345-2900.

Efficient Commercial Painting Services

Whether you prefer neutral, pale colors or a bold accent wall, our interior and exterior painting teams will make your business look inviting, respectable, and professional. We specialize in commercial painting and have worked on a wide variety of buildings, including the following:

Commercial Painting Contractors in Minnesota

When you want a high-quality job done by professionals, Schoenfelder is the company to call. Since opening in 1991, we’ve completed over 10,000 projects of unparalleled quality. Our innovative training facility ensures that all of our painters master exterior wall, interior wall, drywall, textured ceiling, deck, and cabinet painting.

Customer-Driven Painting Services

At Schoenfelder Painting, we take customer service to the next level. Below are our company tenets:

Total Quality Management
We let our customers define quality, and we don’t stop working until we meet or exceed their expectations. Over 85% of our clients are “extremely pleased” with our work.

Training Facility
We created an innovative training facility designed to transform novices into professional painters. We also do special tours for our clients to explain our training process.

Preparation Work
Before we begin painting, we thoroughly prepare the surfaces to ensure optimal results. We do things right the first time without any shortcuts.

Our crews have the ability to update any surface. Let the first impression of your complex be remembered for all the right reasons.

At Schoenfelder Renovations, we serve the entire nation. We’ll make your hotel, senior living community, mutli-housing unit, or retail building look brand new. If you’re looking for the painting company with the flawless finish, contact us at (952) 345-2900 or request a bid. We look forward to serving you soon.