Commercial Window and Door Installation

Whether you own a senior living community, hotel, or other commercial building, the windows and doors are the portals to your business. Having cracked windowpanes or an old door that sticks sends an unprofessional message to your employees and customers.

If you need replacement windows, doors or both, Schoenfelder Renovations can help your business look welcoming, professional, and respectable. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid. Our team of commercial contractors serve businesses throughout the entire United States.

Window Replacement

If you have old, cracked, or stuck windows, they’re probably anything but picture perfect. We’ll help you decide if it’s time to replace them with new windows.

Many businesses are swapping their old windows for energy-efficient models. In fact, Energy Star estimates that you could save from $146 to $501 per year if you replaced all single-pane windows with an energy-efficient brand. For more ways to save money on heating and cooling bills, see our building caulking service.

Door Installation

A door is the entrance to your business. Does your door’s appearance and functionality invite customers in or does it leave them stuck on the outside? After all, a squeaky, creaky door that requires an extra push to open isn’t very welcoming. Schoenfelder Renovations can repair or replace an old door with a new model. We also offer installation and repair for the following:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Screen doors
  • Security doors

Choose Our Seamless Bidding Process

Most contractors use cost-plus bidding, which means the owner is responsible for all the costs of the job, even when the contractor’s bid is inaccurate. At Schoenfelder, we use fixed-price bidding, which means that we have to stick to the pricing we quote you. Initially it’s more work for both of us, as the owner must submit detailed information, and we must do detailed research and quotes, but in the end it saves us both time and money.

In addition to door and window replacement services, Schoenfelder also specializes in painting, commercial floor installations, siding repair, EIFS and synthetic stucco, roofing, restoration projects, hotel renovations, and multi-housing and retail complex remodeling projects. To discuss your vision for a project, (952) 345-2900 and request a bid. We serve the entire United States.