At Schoenfelder Renovations, our project managers are experienced and ready to take on even the most complex of jobs of rebranding and renovating. The bigger the project, the more excited we are to get started. Our team is experienced in all aspects of general contracting and renovations, and has been successfully completing large-scale projects nationwide for years. Our motto is “Renovations done right.” This means our goal is to make sure that every job is completed to the anticipated standard of quality that you set. Contact us to request a bid by calling (952) 345-2900.

Exterior Commercial Renovations

Starting in 1991, Schoenfelder Renovations has had more than enough experience to handle any exterior building envelope project for retail and commercial sites. We are experienced in the bidding process, as we complete hundreds of projects per year:

Exterior Commercial Renovations Schoenfelder Renovations

We are known renovation specialists who excel at rebranding. We renovate and install brick, stone, concrete, EIFS or Stucco and more. We are used to working around your customers. Cones, caution tape, temporary walls, temporary entrances, and night work are all in our toolbox.

Interior Commercial Renovating

Interior renovation is about creating the right look for the right price. Our experienced project managers source the best products from the best distributors around the world. We’ll create a brand-worthy building that will impress all of your customers without breaking the bank. With our general contracting experience, we offer the complete package, including:

Interior Commercial Renovations Schoenfelder Renovations

Our services also include exterior envelope: such as roofing, siding, EIFS, stucco, tuckpointing, sealants, painting, and concrete. While our interior capabilities include: rebranding, bathroom renovations, flooring, FF&E, painting, and more! Our crews also install tile, IVP, FF&E, solid surfaces, fixtures, lighting, and everything on your schedule.

Protect Your Investment

The most important aspect to renovating is making sure your investment increases in value. We want to make sure your ROI is equal to what you expect. With the high costs of construction today, renovation is a much better investment. Make sure your property stays desirable and attractive to potential customers.

Schoenfelder Renovations is proud to serve the entire country. For ideas on your retail renovation or other work, contact us to request a bid by calling (952) 345-2900.