Professional Commercial Roofing Contractors

Having a sturdy roof is one of the best ways to protect your business. If your structure is old or dilapidated, it’s time to have a roofing contractor inspect it. Schoenfelder Renovations offers commercial roofing services nationwide. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid.

While buying a new roof can be an expensive investment, it’s a wise one. If a roof leak causes indoor water damage, you could have two even more expensive (and hazardous) problems: mold and structural rot. At Schoenfelder, we strictly follow government regulations and utilize proper techniques regarding roof installation so that leaks and water damage will no longer be a concern.

Our Roof Repair Process

Repairing a roof takes skill and experience. We make our commercial roofing process very simple for our clients:

We’ll inspect your roof for any damage or signs of aging.

If we do find damage, we’ll examine the structure of the building. It’s our policy to repair any structural damage before beginning the other roof repairs.

If it’s time for a new roof, we’ll discuss your options and begin work immediately.

If your roof needs to be repaired, the building’s exterior may need other updates as well. We offer a full lineup of commercial renovation services.

Insurance Restoration

Many of our clients call because they’ve recently experienced storm or hail damage. We specialize in working with your insurance company to get you the money you deserve, and we’ve saved our clients thousands of dollars by showing adjusters the true extent of the damage. If you think your roof or any other part of the building has been damaged during a storm, call one of our professionals immediately.

Why Choose Schoenfelder?

Schoenfelder Renovations has been raising the bar in the commercial contractor industry for decades. Below are some of the ways we surpass our clients’ expectations:

  • We believe in “Renovations done right.” This means that our clients define quality. After completing a project, we ask our customer to evaluate our work. Our goal is to leave them “extremely pleased” with our job—and over 85 percent of our customers are.
  • We believe in professional workers. Professional workers do a professional job. We thoroughly train and test our employees at our on-site facility to ensure that we give you the best of the best.
  • We believe in fixed-price bidding, which puts the financial onus on the general contractor, not you, the owner.
  • We believe in meeting your needs. If you’re on a strict timeline and need your hotel renovation, multi-housing complex, senior living community, or retail establishment completed by a certain date, we’ll do it. If you need us to consolidate our work area at the end of each day, we’ll leave it spotless. Your priorities are always our priorities.

In addition to roofing, we also specialize in painting, caulking, door and window installations, EIFS/stucco, siding, and floor installation. We serve the entire nation. Contact us at (952) 345-2900 to request a bid.