The 2022 Supply Chain Landscape

For various national and global economic reasons, 2021 brought about a historic shortage in the supply of foreign imports. This has affected nearly every US industry, but the construction industry has been hit particularly hard. It’s expected to continue well into 2022.

In addition to the shortage of crucial building materials that are pushing construction timetables back months and months; reliable, available, and affordable contractors are far and few between. 
This is posing additional pressure and complications on general contractors who oftentimes bear the responsibility for the coordination of labor and purchasing materials.

How Schoenfelder Renovations Continues to Excel

Amidst this ever-evolving chaos that doesn’t appear to be improving, Schoenfelder Renovations has been able to excel at delivering on promises. 

Sourcing for Deadlines

Each property and site has unique priorities and pain points. Which is more important; speed or limiting displacement, price, or schedule? 

We listen to understand what is most important to our customers and build a schedule and proposal to meet those needs. Sourcing from Asia might deliver the lowest price but sourcing locally is faster if the busy season is approaching quickly.  

Controlling the Warehouse

Warehousing is becoming a risk control factor. There have been too many supply chain hiccups to depend on delivery dates. If maintaining the schedule is most important, Schoenfelder has found that supplying and controlling the warehouse is critical. 

We are able to hold our start dates until all materials are in the warehouse. We can then sequence the deliveries to be just in time in order to be most efficient. Our pricing for warehousing is at or below the market rate and the reduction in schedule risk gives us a competitive advantage.


Our project managers are some of the best professional communicators in the industry. Constantly consulting with internal leadership and communicating externally with sub-contractors and clients. Being an active communicator ensures that regardless of supply chain issues, we are moving the timeline along as quickly as possible.

In the face of unavoidable logistical challenges, Schoenfelder Renovations is unwaveringly set up for success thanks to our incredible project managers, our 30 years of building logistical networks, and our passion for executing renovations with excellence. 

If you’re looking for a general contractor for an upcoming renovation project, explore our work and reach out to us! We would love to hear from you, create a bid, and kickstart your next project.