Keys to Attracting the Right Property Managers

April 26, 2022 | Multifamily Industry

The workplace, from a broad perspective, has become a very different landscape than it was in 2019. Turnover is higher, maintaining quality employees is more difficult, and the hiring process is getting longer. With the rise in hiring challenges, it becomes increasingly important to offer unique benefits where possible and really focus on finding the best-fit candidates for the role. Benefits for Property ManagersRemote work and hybrid schedules are the most appealing job benefits for new hires right now. Unfortunately, property managers don’t have the option for remote work because so much of the job is about interacting with new and existing residents. Hopefully, prospective candidates understand this fact. You’ll have to find other ways to provide job value. This could be through additional performance-based compensation, unlimited PTO and sick day options, stipends for work-related expenses, free housing, 401k and healthcare options, and more.Finding the Best CandidateIt can be costly if the … Continued

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Navigating Material & Labor Shortages in 2022

February 25, 2022 | General Contractor

The 2022 Supply Chain LandscapeFor various national and global economic reasons, 2021 brought about a historic shortage in the supply of foreign imports. This has affected nearly every US industry, but the construction industry has been hit particularly hard. It’s expected to continue well into 2022.In addition to the shortage of crucial building materials that are pushing construction timetables back months and months; reliable, available, and affordable contractors are far and few between. This is posing additional pressure and complications on general contractors who oftentimes bear the responsibility for the coordination of labor and purchasing materials.How Schoenfelder Renovations Continues to ExcelAmidst this ever-evolving chaos that doesn’t appear to be improving, Schoenfelder Renovations has been able to excel at delivering on promises. Sourcing for DeadlinesEach property and site has unique priorities and pain points. Which is more important; speed or limiting displacement, price, or schedule? We listen to understand what is most important to … Continued

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