Remodeling industry veteran Schoenfelder Renovations is seeing increased interest in hotel remodeling projects as the lodging industry moves away from bathtubs in favor of luxury showers. Trend watchers say just 15 percent of guests want to splash around in a hotel tub, according to an article published by The Economic Times in May 2013. Underutilized and over-scrubbed, hotel bathtubs are checking out from lodging chains nationwide — for good. Minnesota-based Schoenfelder Renovations is contributing to this trend, replacing three-quarters of the tubs at the Minneapolis Marriott Southwest with luxurious showers as part of a multimillion-dollar remodeling project. The Minneapolis Marriott Southwest is far from alone: Countless other hotels across the country are removing timeworn bathtubs in favor of the sleek, clean look of stand-alone showers. According to an article published by The Economic Times on May 29, 2013, the industry shift comes after research from InterContinental Hotels Group found that as many as 85 percent of guests say they prefer to shower while staying at a hotel. Business travelers in particular are unlikely to soak in a tub. Click here to view the entire press release.