Renovating hotels is one of the commercial services we at Schoenfelder Renovations are proud to offer. Our team works hard to transform partnering hotels, which minimizes the business impact while giving each hotel a distinct look and feel. Our hotel renovation team recently put the finishing touches on the renovations for Marriott Hotel® SW in Minneapolis, MN. We’re excited about this remodel, so let us tell you a bit about it!
Hotel Renovations
Custom Showers
Working closely with the hotel owners and administration, we redesigned and renovated every guest room and the main corridors to have a modern, fresh look. The Marriott Hotel® renovations included:
  • New flooring
  • Enhanced lighting
  • Furniture
  • Replaced countertops
  • Updated wall coverings
  • Ceramic tile
  • New custom showers, including barn-style shower doors, in 75% of guest rooms
We were able to do each of these hotel improvements while the Marriott Hotel® remained open for business. Now, the hotel looks and feels brand new, welcoming guests and creating an atmosphere visitors will recommend to friends. Projects like the Marriott Hotel® renovations are why we at Schoenfelder Renovation do business. We love working with our commercial remodeling clients to help them realize their goals through careful design and quality construction. If you own a Minnesota hotel or commercial property in need of renovations, contact us at Schoenfelder Renovations at 952-345-2900. We can answer your remodeling questions and get you an on-site assessment and project quote.