I would like announce that Jon Edin of Levin and Stein, has stepped down from his position as chair of the education committee. Jon has served as Chair for 3 years and built the Managers Meetings program from nothing to the amazing success of consecutive sold out shows. Jon will continue to serve on the committee and on the board of directors. Mark Johnson of Arcstone, has resigned from chairing the Communication Committee but will continue to contribute on the committee as board liaison. Mr. Johnson has overseen the rapid growth in our magazine and of the CAI-MN website. Thank you to both Mark and Jon for all of your continuing contributions. Joe Crawford of Community Development has agreed to accept the Education Committee chair and Steve Hoogenakker of Taylormade Landscape Management will be the new Communication Committee chair. They both are long standing contributors and will bring new energy and new ideas to the committees. As I write this letter, it is 22 degrees below zero and everything appears to be frozen solid. At the same time, CAI has never been more HOTT. In 2007 at our December meeting, we had 11 exhibitors. This year, we sold out the show with 35 exhibitors and over 117 attendees. The education committee followed up this success with the January meeting that sold out again. Not to be outdone, the Membership Committee brought in 33 new vendor sponsors. Mike Laukka of Laukka Management has announced that the Membership Committee will be holding a CAI Social in March for managers and vendors. The Home Owner Training Track (HOTT) has announced their 1st board member training session for Feb 25th in Hopkins. The event is free to all homeowner board members. This is part of our ongoing effort to provide more resources and programming to homeowners. We are still looking for a few more annual sponsors. Becoming a vendor sponsor and an annual partner has proven to be a good business decision for many. An association managed by Bob MacDonald of Gassen Companies needed to hire an attorney for a construction defect action, “I haven’t needed to hire an attorney recently and I knew that Levin and Stein were a big sponsor of CAI and experts with town home associations, so I called them.” I was talking with Keith from BEI and he said, “Joining CAI is important but sponsoring at the golf tournament was even better. Getting involved on a committee has made a world of difference. When I work on a committee with other CAI members, I am working as a colleague instead of as a vendor. The strength of the relationship and trust created by my participation has paid large dividends.” If you would like to reap the full benefit of CAI, please join a committee. Each of our committees are seeking new contributors. Please call the committee chair or Paul Hanscome or myself to explore which committee you would be most interested in. Sincerely, Mark Schoenfelder