Times are tough. Everyone is wants more for their money. It is good to ask ourselves, why we are worth our client’s next dollar. At CAI-MN, our first ever HOTT program had standing room only. Then only 2 weeks later, the CAI Happy Hour drew over 110 attendees. These are brand new events. Our long standing Managers Luncheons are averaging 80 attendees this year. I was asked by Debby Causton of SmartStreet, “Why is CAI-MN so alive and growing?” I was tempted to respond, “because it is very resilient and I haven’t been able to kill yet!” however since I had just met her, I wasn’t sure she would understand that to be a joke. I asked a few of our hardworking committee members why CAI is growing so much and here are their abbreviated responses. CAI is growing because: Mary Felix of Gassen Management responded, “There is a need and CAI has proven that it can fill that need with high quality timely offerings.” Melinda Johnson of Community Development explained, “With the increased number of CIC’s in Minnesota, the professionalism and knowledge of CAI management companies and vendors is increasing as well. The network that CAI creates, allows the managers and vendors to establish a forum of education to provide the best services to our clients.” Jill McMahon of Cedar Management replied, “it offers great educational opportunities and unlimited networking. The word of mouth is just spreading.” Mark White of Northrup Roofing said, “In these challenging economic times, businesses have realized that relationships are extremely important. Having a strong network to draw on is vital to both vendor and manager.” Linda Wilkins, of Cornerstone said it well, “ We are realizing that we must seek the experts to stay ahead in this changing field. CAI-MN provides the tools, resources, education and support to do just that.” Mike Laukka of Laukka Management responded, “as the industry expands and evolves, there is a growing need for a comprehensive menu of programs, resources and services for CIC volunteer leaders, homeowners and professional vendors as they endeavor to deliver on the lifestyle objectives of community associations. Without question, in Minnesota that organization is CAI.” Tosh Tricas of CDI said “of the volunteers that have increased the amount and quality of educational, networking and recognition opportunities. This has resulted in broad participation for all management companies.” Mel Schultz of MSW, Inc said “-property management companies are seeing the valuing in continuing to educate their managers.” Sara Lassilla, of Jelinek Metz MacDonald, CPA’s, the current Past President of CAI and the chair of the HOTT Committee summarized it well. “- CIC’s are experiencing a lot of needs with foreclosures, builders failing to finalize, etc. and CAI-MN is providing the resources to board members, managers and vendors to serve those needs.” These are all much better explanations that I was able to give. We would like to thank all those who continue to choose CAI for their company’s educational and marketing dollars.

Vision Awards are Coming Up!

Each management company has an area on their website that explains why a CIC should choose them. Only a seven management companies in MN can say they are CAI award winning companies. Only one company can say it has been nominated more than any other MN company. Currently, two companies can say they are the most award winning management companies. The 5th Annual Vision Awards are coming up in June. I have enjoyed watching the competition and pride grow with each passing year for the Vision Awards. Gassen Management narrowly edges out Community Development for the most nominations ever. Gassen Management and Gittleman Management are tied for the most award winners. Community Development and Rockford are only one place behind. There are two new awards for Professional Service Provider and Property Enhancement Vendor. These are open to our business partners and vendor sponsors who do so much for CAI-MN. Filling out a nomination for one of your favorite managers or vendors is a great way to say Thank You to someone who rarely hears that. Being recognized as a leader in the industry is a great reason why your next perspective client should choose you.