Home Remodeling MN

Homeowners invest a lot of time and money into making their property look its best. When it’s time for a much needed update, home remodeling projects can do wonders for cramped kitchens, worn roofs, and old windows. But starting a remodeling project is easier said than done. At Schoenfelder Renovations, we’ve compiled a list of some helpful remodeling tips to consider:

  1. Plan ahead: The most important part of the remodeling project is the planning process. If you fail to make crucial decisions early on, the job could be delayed, or the budget could increase. When you make a detailed schedule, you’ll save time and money in the future.
  2. Remodel the existing space first: Before considering a room addition, have you thought about every room in your house? Any unused spaces, such as basements and attics, should be converted into livable areas before you invest in a room addition.
  3. Blend in with the neighborhood: Perhaps you want to cut costs by using low-end remodeling materials. However, if you live in a high-end neighborhood, the value of your home will drastically decrease. The same principle can be applied vice-versa. Adding a premium finish won’t boost the value of a home in a modest community.
  4. Classic designs reign supreme: Home remodeling crazes may be popular now, but a few years down the road, will you still find the style attractive? Timeless designs will ensure that in case you want to sell your home, potential buyers won’t be scared away.
  5. Find good help: Amateur workmanship will not only look unprofessional, but it won’t last very long either. Our remodeling contractors at Schoenfelder Renovations are experienced and educated in all facets of a home remodel. Enlist the help of a professional to get the job done right.

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