Remodeling the kitchen is an exciting event for all homeowners. Many people spend a great deal of time and care picking out the perfect paint, décor, appliances, and fixtures. Excitement, though, could turn into anxiety when your MN kitchen remodeling project begins, and you realize you won’t be able to use the kitchen throughout the remodeling process. Don’t fret; we’ve thought of some tips to help you survive your next kitchen remodel. Below are some tips designed to help you make it through your MN kitchen remodeling project with Schoenfelder Renovations (without losing your mind) in relative comfort. Appliance Relocation: Chances are that the appliances you rely on every day will need to be moved for continued use throughout your kitchen remodeling project. Because you can’t just uproot your stove and relocate it to the laundry room, your microwave and refrigerator will be your best friends throughout the remodel. If moving the fridge isn’t an option, look into finding a mini-fridge that can comfortably fit in a laundry or mud room. Food Prep: Preparing meals will also be a tricky task during your kitchen remodel. Organizing a makeshift prep area in a room with a sink (like a laundry or mud room) will be necessary for cleaning fruits, veggies, or meat, and for washing hands or dishes. Supplies: Speaking of washing dishes, you might want to invest in some plastic or paper plates and utensils for the remodel. With these disposable or reusable items, you’ll avoid extended dishwashing time and won’t have to reorganize your makeshift kitchenware storage before and after every meal. At Schoenfelder, we have the know-how it takes to make your MN kitchen remodeling dreams come true. From basement finishing to home remodeling, our services are designed to provide you with top-notch results after every project. Contact us today at (952) 345-2900; we’ll be more than happy to serve you.