Spring is finally in the air, and for most home owners, it’s a much anticipated arrival. The end of winter means more than just sunshine and fresh flowers – you’ll also need to help your house recuperate from the cold season and get it ready for the warmer months that lie ahead. Today we have some Minneapolis general contractor tips to aid you in the springtime transition. Below are some tips to help you prep your home for springtime from Schoenfelder Renovations – the name to trust for Minneapolis general contractor services. Prevent Basement Flooding: If your Minnesota home is prone to flooding from excessive snowmelt or rainwater, now is the time to ensure the basement has been prepped for spring. You may not be able to stop the basement from flooding altogether, but there are simple, preventative steps you can take to protect valuables, like putting any storage items that you keep in the basement into waterproof plastic containers. For even more protection, stack the containers on wooden pallets to keep them above the usual flood line. Rooftop Checkup: After a rough winter like the one we’ve just experienced, make sure to inspect your roof for any signs of seasonal wear and tear before spring is in full force. A leaky or damaged roof is the last thing you want when spring showers become a common occurrence. Cracked and warped shingles, as well as a sloping, sagging roof, are telltale signs that you may be in need of roofing repairs or outright replacement. Siding & Gutters: From top to bottom, your home’s entire exterior protected you and your family from the brunt of winter’s wrath all season long. There’s a high chance your house’s siding and gutters might be in need of some extra TLC for spring. Inspect the siding for any signs of air escaping. Closing up gaps can save on monthly utility bills and improve curb appeal. Also be certain that the gutters have been cleared of debris before heavy rains start to fall to prevent excessive water damage in your walls and roof. Use these tips to make sure your home is ready for spring’s arrival. For assistance with anything from kitchen remodeling to roofing, commercial remodeling, and more, contact Schoenfelder Renovations today at (952) 345-2900. As the Minneapolis general contractor that people all over the region have come to count on, we’ll be more than happy to put our capable hands to work for you.