If you’ve noticed that the siding on your home is deteriorating, you’ve got a problem on your hands. What happens when you try to sell your home in Minneapolis? Even if you plan on staying in your home for a long time, rotten siding is not an issue you can fix on your own. At Schoenfelder Renovations, our remodeling contractors will help you choose the right siding option for your home. Our experienced contractors can install custom siding that complements the overall appearance of your home. When you’re discussing options with your siding contractor, it’s important to consider these five factors:
  1. Eifs foam 015Aesthetics: You’ll see your siding every time you come and go from the house, so you’ll want to make sure you enjoy the looks of it.
  2. Durability: You should pick a siding that will withstand the temperature shifts in Minnesota.
  3. Energy Efficiency: To understand what will be needed for insulation, you’ll need to check the R-value rating for energy savings.
  4. Versatility: The siding should meet every need of your home remodeling project.
  5. Water Resistance: Water-resistant siding is a good investment, because it will last longer than regular siding.
Our siding contractors know how to install several different brands and materials. One of the oldest forms of exterior cladding is wood siding. The bevel style consists of one wooden piece overlapping the lower horizontal piece. Even though it costs more, cedar and redwood are fantastic options, because they are naturally resistant to rotting. Aside from wood, materials like brick and stone offer a great deal of style options as well. Since the 1960s, vinyl siding has remained one of the most popular choices because of its inexpensive cost and low maintenance. Since countless siding styles exist, it’s best that you meet one of our general contractors to discuss the options for your Minneapolis home. Contact us today at  to hear about our past siding projects.