I would like to thank the committee members for all of their hard work. It is incredible to see the amount of growth taking place at CAI-MN. Jon Edin of Levin and Stein, and the Education Committee have continued to do an excellent job by continuing to grow the Managers Meetings, Vision Awards and the upcoming Vendor Appreciation event. The Golf Event was a huge success and all golf and sponsor spots will all be filled next year. The Legislative Action committee let by John Dorgan continues to be very active. Mark Johnson of Arcstone was excited to announce that the previous issue of Community Living was the largest ever in CAI’s history. One of the most exciting committees is the Membership committee. We reached out to Mike Laukka of Laukka Management to chair this committee and he has brought new energy and vision to the committee. They set lofty goals of 200 new members and sponsors. Mr. Laukka and the committee then challenged several of the management companies to recruit 10 business partners each. The committee felt that if a vendor is committed to the industry, he should participate in CAI. Mark Gittleman of Gittleman Management has reported that his primary vendors have been very receptive to becoming CAI Vendor Sponsors. Currently, he has 8 new vendor sponsors signed up. We will publish the results of the contest in the next issue. We can all help in the effort to recruit new members for CAI. New members bring new ideas and new energy. Board members should expect that their managers and vendors to be committed to the industry and be CAI members. Homeowners associations receive the benefit of the board members time, and should give them the resources of CAI to help them serve the homeowners well. The dollars at stake are huge and the costs are tiny. In the upcoming months, CAI-MN will be extending the recruiting effort to the individual home owners associations. We will need volunteers to help with the effort to attract new association board members. Our Homeowner Training Track (HOTT) led by Sara Lassilla of Jellinek, Metz, McDonald Ltd and Linda Wilkins of Cornerstone Management is putting together a quarterly CAI program for the HOA’s that will begin after the New Year. Sincerely, Mark Schoenfelder